Manage Part-Timers Like a Full-Time Team

Many businesses find success through a combination of part-time and full-time employees. While managing a full-time team is fairly textbook, working with part-timers requires some adjustments. To help you find greater success with your part-time crew, here are some areas where managing part-timers like a full-time team can help bring everything together. Set Clear Expectations […]

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How Can You Turn Your Gig Into a Long-Term Job?

The rise of the gig economy has brought additional attention to freelance, contract and temporary positions. But hiring temporary workers, or temps, is really nothing new. Many companies use temps to bolster their numbers during busy seasons while others bring in temps to vet potential new employees before extending an employment offer. Regardless of the […]

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5 Tips to Get Your Job Search Back on Track

Whether you are jumping back into a job search after a short hiatus, or are working to refocus after insufficient results, getting a job search back on track can be a challenge. Often, it requires a bit of self-assessment as well as a change in methodology. Regardless of what led to your search being derailed, […]

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Does Your Company Culture Attract Top Talent?

Attracting top talent involves more than a competitive salary and a spiffy job title. It requires a work environment that inspires and supports your employees. For companies that fail to measure up in the culture department, your top performers aren’t likely to stick around for very long. What does it take to create the kind […]

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Your Soft Skills Can Help You Land Your Next Job in Columbus

Most job seekers looking for work in Columbus know how to show potential employers their hard skills. Training, education and technical abilities can be listed on resumes and easily covered during interviews. But showing your soft skills to interviewers is often more challenging. However, if you are able to show your soft skills during your […]

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Craft Your Resume for the Job You Want

Targeted resumes are the gold standard in today’s job market. They focus on the precise requirements stated in the job opening and demonstrate how your experience makes you an ideal fit. And while it takes more effort to craft your resume for the job you want, it is an investment worth making. Why You Want […]

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